Sunday, May 27, 2012

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The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas: Wholeness, Enlightenment, and Individuation

The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, containing History, Translation, Commentary, and Insights from a Jungian perspective - - We are born of wisdom yet unrealized and of divine power, yet undiscovered. We were created outside the “fullness,” but the fullness is within us, waiting, calling. Deep within there is a divine discontent. We are homesick for a place beyond where and what we are now. Fear and attachment hold us, but the gnosis is waiting on the other side. It is transcendental consciousness brought about by a realization sparked to flame by God, from his grace, as he answers the pleading of our hearts. This is the place where angels sing in silence. This is beyond religion. Religion is made up of commands, resulting only in ethics, but gnosis changes the heart. The change is the opus. Our magnum opus is to lay aside our ego and the fear that besets us, to step outside ourselves and become one, both with our true spiritual identities, and with God in his wonderful fullness. This is the peace that passes understanding. This is the Kingdom of heaven. This is what Carl Jung called, “Individuation.” It is wholeness. It is harmony. It is truth. It is knowing our true self and our divine nature. With insights gained from the Individuation process of Carl Jung, the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas bursts into flames of Gnosis, allowing us to see the truth about the deeper mysteries of life. If you have ever felt as if there was more to existence than you could see, that there was another world just behind the curtain of your mind, just out of reach, which contains the full truth, the words of Jesus according to The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas will echo within you and lead you into light.