Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

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The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas:
Wholeness, Enlightenment, and Individuation

We are born of wisdom yet unrealized and of divine power, yet undiscovered. We were created outside the “fullness,” but the fullness is within us, waiting, calling. Deep within there is a divine discontent. We are homesick for a place beyond where and what we are now. Fear and attachment hold us, but the gnosis is waiting on the other side. It is transcendental consciousness brought about by a realization sparked to flame by God, from his grace, as he answers the pleading of our hearts. This is the place where angels sing in silence. This is beyond religion. Religion is made up of commands, resulting only in ethics, but gnosis changes the heart. The change is the opus. Our magnum opus is to lay aside our ego and the fear that besets us, to step outside ourselves and become one, both with our true spiritual identities, and with God in his wonderful fullness. This is the peace that passes understanding. This is the Kingdom of heaven. This is what Carl Jung called, “Individuation.”

There is something in the human psyche, which struggles to produce what Jung refers to as the "true personality." This struggle to bring about the birth of one’s "true personality," which is a fully integrated and healthy personality that is the basis for what Jung called the process of individuation. We are involved in a process of bridging the gap between the various parts of the archetypal pieces within us. The world of the unconscious and the everyday world of ego-consciousness must be brought together, in order to realize the potentialities of one’s individual psyche.

The parables of Jesus are designed, like the Zen koan, to go passed the logical mind and engage emotion and intuition also to bring forth a fuller understanding. This is the power of the Gospel of Thomas with it’s one hundred and fourteen saying, each one aimed like an arrow, to the heart of the matter.

Let us read these texts and do as the ancient Gnostics commanded. Wake up! Heal yourself! Seek the Christ within you! Let the oil flow down! Let the Word be heard! Let the Light show you the Truth! Become the Christ you are! Give birth to what is inside you! Let the sleeper awaken!

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