Thursday, March 27, 2014

Newly released - Before The Gospels

Before the Gospels: The Gospels of Thomas, Q, Signs, and The Passion: The Writings from which the Gospels Sprang

Jesus was a man of few words, simple words, and a deeply challenging message. However, through the years his words and message have been clouded with additions and redactions. How can we possibly know the words he spoke? What were his original teachings? Where did his message stop and the many changes begin? Hidden in the gospels themselves are the source materials containing the original message preached by Jesus. Before the gospels were written, there were proto-gospels, notes, lists and collections of sayings used to construct the gospels we have today. By examining history, language, and content we can cut through additions and redactions to extract the earliest source materials and examine the true words and teachings of Jesus.