Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Mark of Cain?

Food for thought - Now Junk Food

In an interview recently wherein the interviewer wished to meet in person and take notes, I was asked what I thought of the "Mark of Cain" being the fact that he was made black.

Wait - what? Let's think two seconds about this...

The book of Adam and Eve says they came from the land of black earth. They were made from earth or mud according to the text. They were from the area of the triangle described in the Bible where three rivers meet. This is Mesopotamia. Adam and Eve were likely very dark people. Maybe very black people. So - If the "Mark of Cain" was meant to set Cain apart from other people and the people were black, if you believe it is skin tone then the Mark of Cain may have been the fact that he was White.

Do I think the mark had to do with skin color? No. But if the question is entertained at least try not to be so Euro-centric as to believe Adam and Eve had to be white European people. Judaism, and thus Christianity are Eastern religions, albeit Middle-Eastern. Let us try to control our racism in our interpretation of the texts.

The interviewer went silent and ended the conversation shortly afterwards.